Thursday, 31 March 2016

Project Love: Coffee & Co.

Loving the typographic mark in the logo and branding for Coffee & Co, designed by Bond. Simple icons done well, and paired with hand drawn typography in the collateral, as well as a monochrome colour palette, makes for a really striking presence. via BPANDO.

Thursday, 24 March 2016

Project Love: ABCTRACT

Loving this typographic project by Max Morin, ABCTRACT. Lovely colours and textures throughout the letters. This project was in collaboration with Max's old coworker and pal Jim Lepage, who has been creating abstract acrylic paintings.

Friday, 18 March 2016

Project Love: Aldo Filiberto

Another nice identity and website for Aldo Filiberto, designed by Fact Studio. Such a nice simple graphic device doing all the right things.
Framing their identity Aldo Filiberto loves to tell an individuals story. He captures this by framing it. The frame device interacts with Aldo’s photography to create a bold identity that brings his striking portraits to the fore.

Thursday, 17 March 2016

Project Love: Target Social Media Campaign

LOVING these amazing typographic pieces that Snask have created for Target Social Media Campaign. So many wonderful applications and variety within the type. Really cool concept. Loving seeing the behind the scenes pictures as well! Check out the videos on the behance page!
Background The ad agency Latinworks came to us with the brief to visualize a campaign towards the latin american market for the big retail chain Target. The campaign was based around words that was hard to translate from Spanish to English. Words that had deeper meanings than just one simple word translation. Our job was to visualise the campaigns different posts in social media, spread out over a year.
The Case The meaning of every word got to decide the style and content of every post. For example the word "Madrugar" means to get out of bed earlier than usual. This post was planned for the first day of school in August when parents woke their children up earlier than normal to prepare them for their big day. To do this we created a loving breakfast made for the child and built the word "Madrugar" entirely out of corn flakes. Every post was entirely made by hand and the films were made in stop motion.
: Axel Engström, Carl Dahlqvist and Erik Nordlund
Agency: Latinworks
Client: Target

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