Friday, 29 July 2016

Project Love: Linden Staub

Beautiful identity for model agency Linden Staub, who aim to challenge the industry norms, with their mantra 'Empowering Women'. The name derives from the 2 founders mother maiden names, and this starts the strong human focus of the business.
At the centre of the identity the L and S logomark forms a stylised face – a symbol with personality, uniqueness and an expression of their industry. Materiality, texture and colour are key to the visual language. 
Beautiful mixtures of textures throughout the collateral, the stock, the finishing, the imagery. Designed by Bibliotheque. via BPANDO.

Thursday, 28 July 2016

Project Love: Split Space

Really cute little logo and identity for Split Space, a holiday apartment smack in the middle of the coastal town of Split, Croatia. The apartment came into existence by merging two floor, hence the name, Split Space. Designed by Mireldy.

The goal with the identity was to portray the setting - the climate, landscape, Mediterranean backdrop - as well as the characteristics of the apartment. The logo displays the apartments contour -  a space split in two parts - but also, pays homage to the local landscape, incorporating sun, sea and coast.

Images via Identity Designed.

Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Project Love: Beauty of Letterpress - Nate Williams

The artwork of illustrator and hand letterer Nate Williams is the subject of the second print in the Lustig Elements series for The Beauty of Letterpress by Neenah. Titled Nature is the Answer, the whimsical 11 x 14, letterpressed print pays homage to nature, William’s belief in the importance of staying connected to the simple things, and the Lustig Elements font.

Neenah commissioned the Lustig Elements series in honor of notable design pioneers Alvin Lustig and Elaine Lustig Cohen, and the Lustig Elements font, which was recently revived and completed by Craig Welsh. The first print for the series, titled Lustig Elements Collection, was released earlier this year. All proceeds from the sales of the prints go directly to The Hamilton Wood Type & Printing Museum.

Williams says of his print,
Letterpress is a great art form, I love the tactile quality, and it's important to acknowledge techniques of the past to inspire and inform the (more) future. I was inspired to be part of this project. It’s a great cause and Craig is passionate about his work with the Lustig font, I like to support that, and because it was creatively open. So much of our life is data driven so in my personal art and projects that are creatively open I trust my intuition and embrace spontaneity.

Project Love: Smithey Ironware

Really enjoying the brand identity for Smithey Ironware Company, designed by Stitch Design Co. Lovely balanced typographic mark, beautiful rich emerald green colour palette and nice finishing details throughout. via BPANDO.

Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Project Love: Second Choice

Nice identity for Second Choice, a pre-loved clothing store in Warsaw, designed by Noeeko. Really like seeing that grid used throughout and in a flexible way.

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