Thursday, 20 October 2016

Project Love: VAG

Loving the 70's vibes in this logotype and brand identity for Swedish rock band VAG, designed by Snask.
The singer in a rock band sold his band to Snask at 04.30 at an afterparty for $3.000 with the condition that we could change the band name as well as their style of music. The day after the singer changed his mind but we had his signature in blood. But just to be fair we decided to start a record label (Snask Recordings) and sign them with the same conditions. We changed their name to Road and their style of music to 70’s psychedelic rockn’roll. We then contracted one of Sweden’s best producers, Johannes Berglund, who changed them into singing in Swedish. So we just translated the name to Swedish, which becomes VÄG (Road). No, we never had any thought that it is short for Vagina to the rest of the world.
Love the colour palette, psychedelic patterns and the excellent application of the band throughout the communications.

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