Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Project Love: Bundis

Gorgeous wee branding project for Bundis, designed by Strom & Jag.
All cute things come in twos! The name 'Bundis' means "best friend" or someone you strongly connect with. Clara, the founder of Bundis, contacted us to come up with a logo and graphic identity for her brand. Her clothes and toys are all from organic materials and carefully made. We created a logo with connected lines, all parallel, two and two, to represent best buddies. The two lines in each letter acts as a foundation on which the letters are built.

Project Love: Tenth Muse

Gorgeous rich identity for Tenth Muse, designed by Studio MPLS. Love that lovely emerald green paired with the copper foil.
Tenth Muse is a start-up perfume brand that creates custom, personalized botanical fragrances from the world's finest sustainably-sourced natural ingredients. We were tasked with developing a visual brand language and range of application extensions for Tenth Muse that combine clarity and beauty with intrigue and mystery, key characteristics found at the core of their creative process. 

Monday, 30 January 2017

Project Love: Common Lot

Lovely branding for Common Lot, designed by Perky Bros.
Common Lot is the first restaurant from Chef Ehren Ryan. Anointed the black sheep of his family, the restaurant draws upon Ehren’s globally diverse culinary background and free spirit. Its design places emphasis on the communal dining experience, including an open kitchen and shared tables. It’s elegant but unpretentious; comfortable but handsome—it’s a place for family and friends to gather and share great food and conversation. 
If you meet the Ryan’s, it’s clear that they are equal part serious about food and jocular about life. The design is inspired by this, utilizing the idea of common pasture, wayward sheep and shared plates, playfully moving the common, equal spaced O’s in the logotype and abstracted sheep illustrations about the natural printed materials. It’s unpredictable and at times rough around the edges, but always intentional and thoughtful—just like its host.

Friday, 27 January 2017

Project Love: Prieto Estudio

Beautiful brand identity for Prieto Estudio, designed by BALA.
BALA collaborated with Prieto Estudio, a firm among the foremost in interior design in Mexico. The importance in our culture of their founders output has been recognized in many occasions, being one of the most relevant a retrospective held at Franz Mayer Museum, the main space in Mexico for decorative arts.  
A key determinant factor for designing the identity was to build a simple, atemporal and flexible narrative that could relate to any of their projects, to represent this we used the relation between space and objects, one of the basic interior design principles. 
The letters as objects playing in the same space configuring different compositions can generate multiple emotions in the being who “lives the space”, the spatial sense and its intention can be modified in order to get a particular experience. 

Project Love: Carpenters Wharf

Loving the organic nature of the branding and collateral for Carpenters Wharf, designed by Jack Renwick Studio.
We created the name, visual identity and launch marketing for Carpenters Wharf, a canal-side residential development by Anderson in Fish Island, Hackney Wick.  
The brand aims to capture the aesthetic of the building’s architecture, while reflecting the spirit of Fish Island — a place with a rich industrial history and now home to one of London’s most vibrant creative communities, where many of the old factories and warehouses have been repurposed into thriving bars, breweries, restaurants, galleries and workspaces.  
After researching the local area, we discovered that for fifty years the site was home to luxury furniture maker A. Younger, who shipped timber down the canals to use in their designs. This was the inspiration for the name and visual identity.
Via Identity Designed.

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