Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Project Love: Rocket de Laval

Nice branding and uniform design for Rocket de Laval, designed by lg2 boutique.

Fuelled by the richest history in professional sports, the Montreal Canadiens hockey club mandated lg2 to create a brand new identity for the Rocket de Laval, the club’s American Hockey League farm team. This new brand identity, tailored to a new generation of fans, creates a bridge between the past and future, making the Rocket de Laval a contemporary brand that is instantly timeless. A solid “R” with an interior stroke and sharp serifs – alluding to The Rocket’s explosive speed – now forms the primary logo and is proudly featured on the front of the team’s jerseys.

“The biggest challenge from a design standpoint was how we were going to successfully integrate into an existing canvas without simply becoming a copy of it. So we developed distinctive elements that make the Rocket de Laval its own brand. We managed to strike the right balance by using the mother brand’s graphic code – the classic tricolour palette and band that recall the Canadiens jerseys – mixed with new visual elements such as a custom typography and alternative logos on the sleeves,” explains Claude Auchu, Partner, Vice-President, Creative Director, Design, at lg2. The logo’s vertical type also pushes skyward like a rocket. Secondary elements can be found on the sleeves: a brand shield and the legendary #9 propelled by a graphic flame.

Monday, 27 February 2017

Project Love: 4ZERO1

Lovely typographic approach to the branding for 4ZERO1 designed by lg2 boutique.
To celebrate its 15 anniversary and mark an important step in the company’s history, Quatre Zéro Un has become 4ZERO1. In collaboration with lg2, the company is unveiling a new brand identity that better reflects its DNA and current offer, with a new online platform, print material and a promotional video that presents an overview of the portfolio of its directors.  
“4ZERO1 is more than a production unit, it’s a team of directors, talents and artisans who want to push the limits of what can be done. They are fascinated, inspired and excited about the latest developments and the avant-garde, which they use to give their clients’ work the richest possible expression,” declares Stéphanie Lord, Executive Producer and Partner, at 4ZERO1.  
“4ZERO1 instantly brings to mind the right balance between the energy of the next generation and well established talents, a seasoned team where each member has their own brand and creative signature. It’s exactly what inspired the new imagery: dynamic, clever, diversified and slightly offbeat. The logo is the showcase for all of 4ZERO1’s talents and immediately conveys the freedom that the company gives its creators,” adds Maude Lescarbeau, Creative Director, Design, at lg2. “The use of ‘ZERO’ in the logo serves as a creative playground to illustrate the offer, but especially to fascinate, inspire and excite.”

Friday, 24 February 2017

Project Love: Mindful Chef

Nice identity and packaging for Mindful Chef, designed by Ragged Edge. Love the pattern work to create visual texture, and the kraft paper paired with bright colours.
Our brief
Mindful Chef is an ambitious start-up offering meal kits that help people follow a lean and healthy lifestyle. The fresh meal kit market is crowded, competitive and commoditised. Our job was to define and create a brand that would attract the attention of busy people everywhere.  
Brand strategy
We spoke to lots of potential consumers – from city boys to creative entrepreneurs – and no-one wanted to compromise. Why should a healthy, mindful lifestyle have to come at the expense living life to the full? This insight helped us define Mindful Chef’s purpose: to make healthy living easy, empowering busy people to work and play as hard as they liked. We called this Modern Mindfulness.

Thursday, 23 February 2017

Project Love: Mateja Kovač

Absolutely love this packaging and identity for Mateja Kovač, designed by Mireldy.
Mateja Kovač is a successful Croatian illustrator and academic painter who has been present on the local and global scene for years. 
Mateja asked us to create a new visual identity and design for the promotional materials of her brand. We found inspiration for her new visual identity in her gestural strokes and the playful color palette which Mateja uses as a starting point in her creative work. 
With that we emphasize spontaneity and lightness, as well as refined taste in colors and shapes, by which the illustrator attracts us into her intimate world influenced by simple, day-to-day moments.
I love the colours and textures used throughout the collateral, and the colour palette, so beautiful and bold!

via Identity Designed.

Project Love: Noun Project - Print All Over Me

I love when graphic elements such as patterns just really work on textiles. The collaboration between Print All Over Me and Noun Project is a great example of this! Check out their website for a load of other beautiful textiles.

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