Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Kraut & Rüben Brand Identity

Gorgeous identity and art direction in the identity for Kraut & Ruben, designed by Brückner & Brückner. Love the colour palette and the illustration style.
Kraut & Rüben  
Unplastered brick walls, bare light bulbs and an old barn door: Kraut & Rüben combines farm with industrial charm. The focus of the food on offer: salad. For the basis of the salad mix, which can be enriched with farfalle pasta at will, four ingredients can be selected. Olives, chick peas, red lentils or strawberries? Kraut & Rüben focuses on variety and seasonal supply. This also applies for the soups, materialising, depending on the season, as light vegetable soups or hearty stews, as well as for the different variations of oven potatoes. Always on the menu: homemade vanilla or chocolate pudding and rice pudding.  
The Kraut & Rüben identity was designed by the Dortmund/Mannheim based design studio Brückner & Brückner. The design concept is based on a simple principle: cabbage (Kraut) grows upwards and turnips (Rüben) grow downwards. Using no green color they tried to create a simple yet concise design without using the typical clichés. The up- and downwards principle was applied to the logo, stationery, photography and interior design. Colophon’s Apercu font was the perfect fit for Kraut & Rüben. For the logo it was slightly cut to emphasize the concept. „As the client took us on board at a very early stage, we had the possibility to create a concept that really extends to all dimensions“, says Johannes Brückner. 

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