Friday, 28 April 2017

The Dayrooms Brand Identity

Absolutely beautiful brand identity for The Dayrooms designed by Two Times Elliott
The Dayrooms is a new Australian multi-label womenswear store based in Notting Hill. We have taken a narrative approach that takes you through the store as you would with your daily routine; a relaxed, personable concept that aims to be a relatable experience with each customer. Much like the store being a collection of curated things, we have designed the store around the concept that it is essentially a collection of experiences.  
The underpinning of the concept focuses strongly on moments — more specifically : an emotive curated collection of moments, memories and objects. We worked alongside Nirvana CPH on the production of the printed collateral and collaborated with Trend & Fayre on our interior concept. 

Thursday, 27 April 2017

Four Heads Brand Identity

Nice soft branding for Four Heads designed by Caterina Bianchini.
Four Heads is an all-inclusive online channel, providing a platform for underground artists and labels to showcase their material. They feature internet 'Premiere's', mix tapes, unsigned tracks and free downloads every week through their various media channels and web page. This graphic identity was designed to cover a depth of assets and with the ambition to be iconic and memorable. Four heads needed a diverse logo that could be incorporated into their artwork across print and digital. The logo has been designed with three formats, a typographic logo, an icon logo and a plain text logo. Each has soft contours and a playful composition reflecting the platforms casual and approachable attitude. The logo was designed to reflect a stamp like logo, that was easy to apply across all of the platforms assets. The covers explore a more playful graphic world that introduces colours and shapes. The covers feature experimental typography that allows the covers to be striking. Each cover has been individually designed with a similar concept that can be seen developing across the covers.

Wednesday, 26 April 2017

H+J Brand Identity and Art Direction

Love the colour palette in the brand identity for H+J designed by Spy. Love the art direction of the campaign imagery.
Established in 2004, H+J offers inspired food and catering solutions at iconic venues such as The Cutty Sark, Moët & Chandon, Abbey Road, RIBA and Selfridges. Their services include working lunches, private dining rooms, large scale food courts, cafes and deli bars.

The business has grown year on year, but remains small at heart, and proudly independent. As part of their long-term plans, we were commissioned to create a brave identity and website that would demonstrate their ambition in a fierce industry.

To reflect their refreshing approach we collaborated with photographer Angela Moore and food stylist Peta O’Brien, to produce a suite of striking images that tell simple stories. As a starting point for these images we explored ideas around: street food, the cheese board, office lunches, desserts and early morning breakfast.

The distinct and characterful marque, breaks out into its constituent parts to transform packaging and printed materials. Copywriting studio Jim K Davies crafted the words into short, expressive statements that echoed H+J’s personality.

H+J’s prime objective was to stand out from their peers in a marketplace where USPs are harder to define. The response they have had from clients, competitors and consultants suggests that we have really helped them to achieve that.

Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Mr.PAW Branding and Packaging

Gorgeous minimal branding and packaging for Mr.PAW designed by Mildred & Duck.
Mr.PAW is a Melbourne-based dog shampoo and grooming brand with a focus on natural ingredients and local manufacturing. We developed a visual identity for Mr.PAW to gain an audience in an already competitive marketplace, resulting in a brand that is contemporary and clean in aesthetic. The simple identity design mixes bold typography softened with rounded edges, which is then combined with playful brand imagery to complete the visual experience of the online retail store.
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