Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Curious Festival Identity by Sail Creative

Nice branding for Curious Festival, designed by Sail Creative.
Curious is a North East LGBT arts festival exploring and celebrating LGBTQ culture. In 2017, we undertook a rebrand for the festival.

We worked on a rebrand with the client on a consultancy basis to understand the motivation behind the festival. The festivals aim was to break boundaries, start dialogue and have political purpose, along with providing queer artists opportunities to showcase and perform.

We focused on a brand revolution, and created an identity that represents exploration and culture. We experimented, collaborated and explored various routes, until reaching our final idea of ‘deconstruction’. The brand challenges perception and regimes, and represent connections, culture and pride to capture the LGBTQ community.

Using the individual LGBTQ flags, shapes and colours, and bringing them together, the brand concept is deconstructing labels and bringing them together to represent unity, diversity and difference. This captured the Curious values, whilst creating a strong and exciting visual language that translates easily across print and online communications.

The identity uses solid colour and shapes to create impact. The bold colours, shapes and fluid compositions seen throughout the identity come together to represent constant exploration and experimentation. The identity is a call to action, to gather communities to explore and celebrate LGBTQ culture throughout the festival.

Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Studio PP Brand Identity by Studio PP

Really liking the bright neon palette of the branding and collateral for the Studio PP internal brand.
The Studio P+P logo reflects the minimal and functional approach of the studio works. The logo is adaptable to the different media formats and symbol + can exist separately as an independent graphic element. The primary colour palette is black/white with the secondary colours — fluorescent orange and fluorescent green. The secondary colours communicate individuality and an experimental approach of the studio.

Monday, 29 May 2017

Jersey Ice Cream Co. Branding by Bueno

Gorgeous branding for Jersey Ice Cream Co, designed by Bueno.
Jersey Ice Cream Company is the interior design partnership of Tara Mangini and Percy Bright. The couple is known for their craftsmanship, signature wall plastering, and effortlessly curated vignettes. They turned to Bueno for a brand identity that would reflect their aesthetic. Drawing inspiration from early 20th century typography, maker’s marks, and furniture labels, Bueno developed a suite of seals, emblems, custom hand-drawn typography, and illustrations. The result is a lovingly crafted visual system that feels right at home with their beautiful work.

Friday, 26 May 2017

Finland 100 Brand Identity by Kokoro & Moi

Love the strong colour and pattern in the branding for Finland 100, designed by Kokoro & Moi.
Finland’s centenary celebration project is run by the secretariat at the Prime Minister’s Office. The theme of the year is ‘Together’. With the help of a host of participants, a lively programme covering the whole of 2017 will be drawn up.

Kokoro & Moi is responsible for creating the visual identity for the project. One of the goals was get all the Finns involved and take part in the celebrations. Visual identity was designed to help in this task. ‘Finland’s Faces’ illustration concept became the cornerstone of the identity. Rich and diverse illustrations are built of faces drawn with endless variety of different styles and techniques. Kokoro & Moi created an extensive library of illustrations to be used for the various needs from communication to marketing materials during the year.

To bring the illustration concept in the centenary year to life, a digital online application was created and developed. With the ‘Finland’s Faces’ application, all the Finns and friends of Finland are invited to participate and edit their selfies into unique cartoonized versions. The illustrations can be shared via the social media, saved for later use or submitted to be part of the ‘Finland’s Faces’ collections and several implementations to be executed during the year 2017. Theme ‘Together’ is put in the practice with an open, fun and inspiring way.

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