Friday, 30 June 2017

Y7 Studio branding by The Collected Works

Really appreciating the unusual approach to the branding of Y7 Studio (a yoga studio) by The Collected Works.
Y7 is a yoga studio unlike any other. Their approach ditches a lot of the cliches that are associated with the practice, and replaces them with a hint of street culture. This unique mix of candlelit hot yoga and hip-hop, rap, and r&b music has made it one of the most popular destinations for New York & LA Yogis.  
As an homage to the visual language created by Pen and Pixel Graphics in the late 90’s, we collaborated with them on the design of a new line of t-shirts and promotional materials. The collages are a representation of what goes on inside the mind of a yogi, in the middle of an an intense flow workout. This includes everything from animal poses, mythical landscapes, and a whole lot of bling.

Thursday, 29 June 2017

Octopuss Branding by Glasyr

Love the typography in the work for Octopuss by Glasyr.
Octopuss is a newly established film company, led by directors with (in total) over 90 years of film experience. Octopuss focuses on collaborating and creating quality productions,offering each individual project their collective creativity. Part of Octopuss’ concept is to give a part of their profit to different projects that benefits clean water.  
Octopuss asked Glasyr to lead the creative and strategic process of developing a visual identity and website for the company, reflecting the aesthetics of their films. The goal of the design work was to dazzle the audience by creating an identity that stood out, and had international high standard.  
An ocean of creativity. Glasyr created a bold yet subtle visual identity with a dynamic logo, inspired by the mystery of the dark ocean and the otherworldly octopus.

Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Grindal & Patrick Branding and Stationery by Mildred & Duck.

Love the emboss/deboss system in the branding and stationery for Grindal & Patrick, designed by Mildred & Duck.
Grindal & Patrick is a law firm that take a unique and modern approach to their practice. We created a visual identity to personify the firm’s philosophy of transparency and clarity, using a colour palette that is contradictory to those typically seen in the industry. The resulting identity is warm and approachable, with letterpress finishes and tactile paper stocks, balanced with a simple and honest visual language that reflects the Grindal & Patrick ethos.

Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Lui Branding, Packaging and Interior by Dmowski & Co.

Love the complete pink palette in the branding, packaging and interior for Lui Store, designed by Dmowski & Co.

Monday, 26 June 2017

Middle of Nowhere Branding & Art Direction by Mildred and Duck

Lovely soft pinks and emerald greens in the branding and art direction for Middle of Nowhere, designed by Mildred and Duck.
Originally founded in 2008, Melbourne-based studio Middle of Nowhere approached us to create a visual identity that would help to define their position within the competitive homewares industry at a time when recognition of their work was beginning to grow. Bold colours and tactile finishes come together to create an identity that is playful and yet still restrained, whilst remaining adaptable for future evolutions of the product range. This approach is then reflected in the brand imagery, expanding on the bold version of minimalism that has become a key part of the Middle of Nowhere aesthetic. 

Friday, 23 June 2017

Hippo&Crate Brand Identity and Packaging by Made by Alphabet

Love the branding and packaging for Hippo&Crate, designed by Made by Alphabet.
Branding a New Kind of Toothcare
We helped launch Hippo&Crate, the first subscription-based brand that is transforming the way we shop for toothcare with personalised crates, delivered straight to your door. In response to an industry that tends to overwhelm consumers with specs and jargon, we crafted a unique visual language to establish Hippo&Crate as a brand that stands for beautiful, honest and affordable toothcare.

A unique brand deserved a unique name and when it came to naming Hippo&Crate, we needed to think outside the box (or crate in this case). We used influence from Hippocrates, a Greek physician who was considered one of the most outstanding figures in the history of healthcare. We combined this with the concept of the subscription service and the ‘crate-like’ box that the packages are delivered to your door in to create a truly standout brand name.

Beautiful EverydayTo capture the health benefits of good tooth quality toothcare, we art directed a photoshoot with real people that featured the Hippo&Crate products in use. We captured the natural reactions of the models and kept editing to a minimum to ensure a bare, natural and pure feel.

The ToothbrushWhy shouldn’t a product you use everyday be beautiful? Collaborating with award-winning product designer Damjan Stankovic and the team behind H&C, we created a single manual toothbrush that has been beautifully built to achieve a blend of timeless simplicity and pure functionality. Unlike toothbrushes that are available on the supermarket shelves, our brush comes in just two colour options - black and white. It is a simple, minimal and timeless design accessory that would fit perfectly into any bathroom.

All Round Good Driven by a mission to find new ways to use the world’s best natural materials, Hippo&Crate is stepping in to fill a gap in the market. The Toothpaste and Mouthwash is vegan, gluten free, sustainably harvested, not tested on animals and 100% natural. Not only are the products sustainable, but our unique packaging is as well. The tube is made of 100% aluminium and 100% recyclable and even printed using environmentally friendly ink. If that doesn’t put a smile on your face, we don’t know what will.

Online Experience We created a beautifully crafted e-commerce experience that leads people through the subscription process - simultaneously informing, instructing and inspiring. We created a visual language that combines clear photography showcasing the products with witty copywriting and clean, minimal iconography.

Real, Direct and Witty By creating a brand voice that is clear, direct and inherently witty, we created a brand for Hippo&Crate that brings a fresh, unconventional perspective to an often-boring category, whilst making it simple for people to create a personalised toothcare regime with beautifully honest products.

Print Material From the packaging to the instruction booklets to gift cards - we designed every touchpoint to reflect Hippo&Crate's quirky and lovable personality.
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