Friday, 29 September 2017

Whitefox Brand Identity by LBD Studios

Nice branding for Whitefox Property by LBD Studios. Nice fresh, clean colour palette and looks really polished.
WHITEFOX the new kid on the real estate block — launched in Feb 2017. The WHITEFOX deal, Bold. Matter of Fact. Polished.

Thursday, 28 September 2017

Handsome Find Branding and Packaging by Carrousel

Nice packaging for Handsome Find, designed by Carrousel London
Handsome Find is the Extra Virgin Olive Oil created by Harry and Florence Jones, but the story started long before them.  
In 2007, Harry and Florence decided to leave high pressure jobs in London in the pursuit of a simpler life. When they bought an old property on the slopes of Monte Cetona, in Southern Tuscany, they had no idea that they had inadvertently bought an abandoned 13th century olive grove. To their delight the Grove bare a handsome crop of olives and they’ve have spent the last ten years harvesting and nurturing the grove to make the perfect blend of extra virgin olive oil.  
Attention to detail in the naming process added meaning to H+F from Harry and Florence's initials to combine with the groves bountiful harvest when settling on Handsome Find. An unfussy logo and understated brand identity was created with purpose so as not to detract attention from the premium product itself. When it came to packaging, the logo was applied to the bottle using a blind emboss. The bottles matt black appearance was produced with an olive wood cork stopper to protect the oil from exposure to harmful sunlight. Essential consumption details are housed on a tab label which also acts as a breakable seal to the cork stopper. Each bottle is encased in a bespoke patterned wrap.

Wednesday, 27 September 2017

The Beauty Co. Brand Identity by LBD Studios

Love the typographic mark of the branding for The Beauty Co. designed by LBD Studios.
The Beauty Co needed a rebrand. We made their new brand simple, handdrawn and their business cards pretty with gold edges. But wait until you see their neon sign. They're on Instagram now @thebeautycompany. 

Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Olga & Kay Photographers

Love the style and story behind the partnership of Olga & Kay. Read their story below and check out their website for some absolutely beautiful work.
Olga (Olga Kott) & Kay (Kieron Lewis) are two creatives from different backgrounds, but with a similar interest in documenting the way people interact through culture, lifestyle and their surroundings. 
Working across various locations such as London, Jamaica, Latvia, Athens and Amsterdam, O&K have immersed themselves with the locals at every place they’ve visited. Speaking to all walks of life, finding out their story, what their community means to them, and then there is the occasional people watching too. 
Individual Professions: 
Olga is a Freelance Photographer who was born in Latvia, but moved over to London from the age of 19. She has a wealth of experience working for brands such as Airbnb, Reebok, Bjork and Herschel. 
Originally from an advertising background, Kay has worked at various agencies around London. Specialising within print, he has worked on numerous self-directed projects and client-based ones for the likes of, IKEA, Spotify, Land Rover and Virgin Atlantic. Currently he is working full time at Zed Creative, and is also a Freelance Designer for TEDx Euston. 
How we met:We both met on a photoshoot in central London about a year ago. On the day, Olga was the photographer, and Kay was the model. 
Whilst on the shoot, we began to realise we had very similar interests, which eventually led us to meet a few weeks down the line, share work, experience and a coffee along South Bank. We came to the conclusion that we would like to work together on a self-directed ongoing project together... Thus Olga & Kay came about!  
Our involvement with the community:The basis of our work is to document the way we all interact in our surroundings, whether that is with friends, family or strangers. With this as our core concept, we were keen to share our travel experiences and work with all walks of life. In particular, speaking to younger people is something we’re very interested in. 
As we both grew up in two different countries, we’ve both seen first hand how our community has changed and evolved over the years. 
We have teamed up with Bright Ideas Trust and Westminster City Council on numerous occasions, and have had the privilege to work with students from as young as 13, up to sixth formers. Speaking to over 500 students across various schools around London, we’ve created workshops, been invited as guest speakers and have helped at a number of career fairs. 
St. Marylebone, St. Augustine and Westminster Academy are just a few places we’ve worked at, and we are happy to announce that we have a few more lined up as the year continues. With all the students we’ve spoken to over the months, and work we’ve shared, we are determined to make it our mission to stress the importance of working on self-directed projects, regardless if you are in the creative industry or not. It keeps the mind and spirit afloat - well, it does for us.

Monday, 25 September 2017

Best Awards - Kirkcaldie by ThompsonCo

The Best Design Awards is an annual showcase of excellence in graphic, spatial, product, interactive and motion design. The awards celebrate the incredible work that comes out of New Zealand and Australia.

The next couple of weeks the blog will focus on the finalists from this years awards.

Kirkcaldie by ThompsonCo

Friday, 22 September 2017

Best Awards - Monumental by Inhouse Design

The Best Design Awards is an annual showcase of excellence in graphic, spatial, product, interactive and motion design. The awards celebrate the incredible work that comes out of New Zealand and Australia.

The next couple of weeks the blog will focus on the finalists from this years awards.

Monumental by Inhouse Design

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