Thursday, 21 February 2019

Well it’s been awhile between posts - and I’m sure most of you will have picked up that Good Design Makes Me Happy isn’t posting any new work.

I started Good Design Makes Me Happy with the endeavour to create a visual diary of beautiful graphic design - and have done so, having blogged for over 7 years. Having been on a hiatus for the past year, I have made the extremely tough decision to stop posting on the blog. It’s been such a hard decision and a wonderful experience posting, interacting with you all, sourcing and being inspired by such incredible work from all around the world.

Thanks to all the lovely designers who created such gorgeous work for me to post on the blog. The content will stay live for awhile to stay as a constant source of design inspiration. If you ever want to talk to design, send me a message, you can find me on Instagram @hannahdollery
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